About Us

Name of Company: MDN Technology Ltd.

Registration No: KHC - 2046

Year of Established: 18 Dec 2018

Year of Register as a Ltd. Company: 2021

Type of Company: Private Company

Business : Web Hosting , Reseller Hosting, Domain Name Registration,Brand SMS/ Bulk SMS & Web Development, Android App Development.

Corporate Address: Munsef para Road ,Patuakhali Sader , Patuakhali -8600

Our Brand : HostMdn.Com , ResellNom.Com

Web Address: www.Mdn.com.bd

Company Email: help@mdn.com.bd

Market Coverage: Worldwide

Meet The Team MDN

MD Mahfuz Reham

Managing Director

Mohit Hasan


Our H.M.V

  • In 2018, MDN Technology Ltd Managing Director & Founder MD Mahfuz Reham embraced the potential of the web and began the Web Hosting & Domain Service Company in Bangladesh to Provide Web Hosting Service in Locally. The Company's first name was M Dream network In 2018-2020, We acquired HOSTMDN (a small web hosting company) Company and Market Demand, We (Mahfuz Reham & Mohit Hasan ) Decided to enter the Premium Market from the Budget Market. So we Rebranded the Website name to HOSTMDN.COM in 2020

  • Our Vision is simple and one that combines creativity with the latest research and development in the tech World. We are a very Customer oriented company, putting our customers first and always focusing on gaining and deserving the trust of every single one of our customers. So, we Listening to our customers, staying at the cutting edge of the latest trends in tech research, and constantly developing better web hosting, Web Software , Many more Digital products and services which enable us to fulfill this vision better and better every day.

  • Our mission is simple. To provide trouble-free, customer-focused, reliable, and affordable web hosting, Web Developent,Internet marketing, domain , bulk sms services. WE simply want to continue to operate a profitable Software and web hosting company that makes customers happy. Since the beginning, we have backed our rock solid hosting solutions and top-notch infrastructure with the best customer service and technical support. A common feeling about the technology field is it's all about machines, yes, It does take machines but, MDN also knows it takes good people to run a well oiled machine. Yes, a successful business needs to be committed to client solutions, innovation, creativity and a warm, caring attitude to all of our customers' business needs. We don't just provide 24x7 support. we really do listen and care.